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  1. Clean out your gutters. If your gutters are filled with debris, this can cause the water to flow over the edge and create a dripping noise. Clean the gutters regularly to prevent this. 
  2. Check for leaks. If there is a leak in the gutters, this can also cause dripping noises. If you find a leak, you will need to patch it up to prevent water from dripping. 
  3. Install gutter guards. Gutter guards are designed to keep debris out of the gutters and prevent water from overflowing. Installing gutter guards can help reduce the amount of noise from dripping gutters. 
  4. Install a gutter trough. A gutter trough is a metal device that is installed in the gutter and catches any water that overflows. This can help prevent water from dripping and reduce the noise.
  1. Install a Downspout Splash Block: A splash block is a piece of plastic or concrete that is placed underneath the downspout to help reduce the sound of water running through the gutter. 
  2. Install a Gutter Dampener: A gutter dampener is a piece of foam or rubber material that is placed inside the gutter to help reduce the sound of running water. 
  3. Install a Downspout Extension: A downspout extension is a piece of pipe or tube that is attached to the end of the downspout to help direct the water further away from the house. This will help reduce the sound of the water hitting the ground.
  4. Add Rocks or Gravel to the Area Around the Downspout: Adding rocks or gravel to the area around the downspout will help absorb some of the sounds and reduce the noise.

Regular inspection of your gutter system is an important part of responsible home maintenance. There are several times that it may be necessary to replace your home gutter system. 


1.) New Roof

Gutters should be replaced when a new roof is installed. 


2.) Signs of Insufficient Drainage 

Any signs that your gutter system may not be draining properly likely means that it’s time to replace your gutters. These include signs of wear and tear, broken, sagging, or gutters that are hanging off.


3.) Age of Gutter System

How long your gutter system lasts depends on the material used and weather conditions in your area. The average home gutter system lasts approximately 20 years. Gutters can last several decades when high-quality materials are used, and regular maintenance is performed. 


4.) Major Storms

Strong storms have the potential to damage gutters beyond repair. You should have your gutter system inspected after major wind, rain, snow, and/or ice cause damage to your home. 

Gutters are critically important for protecting the structural integrity of your home. Water flows through the gutter system and is directed to an appropriate area. Your gutter system protects your home from the threat of water damage. 


Other Reasons that Gutters are Important Include:

  • Prevent Basement Flooding 
  • Protect Siding
  • Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth
  • Protect Landscaping

A gutter system that is poorly maintained, damaged, or non-existent would result in an excessive buildup of water, leaves, and debris. This collection of water would become stagnant and seep into the foundation of the home, resulting in excessive damage.

Whether or not a gutter system adds to home value depends on the value of the gutters installed. High-quality gutter systems that are installed by a professional add a substantial amount to a home’s value. However, self-installed or cheaply crafted gutter drainage systems will have the opposite effect. 

Traditional gutters consist of sections of gutter that are connected together and secured to the home fascia board. These sections of gutter measure from 10 to 20 feet long and are connected at points that are called joints. 

These connection points make sectional gutters weak and at an increased risk of damage. The creases are susceptible to rust, rot, and other issues much faster than the seamless gutter. Sectional gutters also take longer to install. 

Seamless gutters are a worthwhile investment and an upgrade from traditional gutters. Seamless gutters provide homeowners with maintenance-free, durable, and longevity that is not achievable with older gutter systems.

Have you recently moved into a new home or are looking to update your current one? We may be known as the premier gutter company in Central Florida, but we actually provide so much more! Our team is well equipped to install different products such as genuine manufactured Solatube® brand tubular skylights and solar-powered attic ventilation fans.

In fact, in addition to gutter installation, our team provides the following services:

  • Radiant Barrier Attic Insulation
  • Attic Ventilation
  • Garage Door Insulation
  • Garage Ventilation
  • Water Heater Insulation
  • Re-Roofing Services

When exploring gutter options, the main reason is to redirect water elsewhere instead of directly onto your house, so it won’t cause harm or damage.

While gutters may not seem necessary because they aren’t required by law, they can really be your home’s lifesaver.

Without them your home is at risk for the following:

  • Roof and Home Erosion
  • Unprotected Garden Beds
  • Potential Basement Flooding
  • At-Risk Siding

Without this investment, there are plenty of potential risks your house can fall victim to because it’s not properly protected.

Gutters only need to be cleaned out about twice a year.

But hold on – we actually have a better solution. We offer a unique tool that will help you avoid cleaning your gutters all together – our Gutter Guards.

These underrated items eliminate the need for a miserable and messy job. In fact, they help ensure that dirt and debris don’t fall in your gutters and protect them all year long.

Gutter Styles

Seamless gutters come in a variety of colors, including white, brown, black, green, and grey. Some manufacturers also offer custom colors.


The style and materials that are best for your home depend on your unique expectations, needs, and budget. Home gutter systems can be constructed with several different materials, including, aluminum, vinyl, steel, or copper. 

Vinyl is the cheapest option available lasting only 20 years maximum in mild climates. The highest quality gutter systems are generally constructed with copper and can last a lifetime.


K-Style Gutters 

K-style gutters are the most common type of system installed in modern homes due to their practical and aesthetic appeal. K-style gutters resemble the shape of the letter K. The back is flat and can be nailed directly to the home fascia board. 

These decorative gutters hold more water than half-round gutters, making them suitable for homes in rainy locations. The only downfall for k-style gutters is that they are more prone to collecting debris and can be more difficult to clean.


Half-Round Gutters

Half-round gutters were popular in homes built around the mid-20th century. These gutter systems are required to be bracketed to the fascia board to stay in place. These are seen mostly in historic or older neighborhoods. 


Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are made with one long piece of material and minimal connection points. Seamless gutters are substantially more durable than sectional gutters.

We’re your one-stop mobile gutter factory, so we’ll show you exactly what size would fit your home best. We also produce most of the gutters and downspouts onsite, so the sizing will be accurate every time.

In terms of style, we cater to your personal needs and desires. We’re only a phone call away, and our experienced team is happy to make recommendations. We offer a variety of styles, materials, and colors to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the final product.

Need immediate suggestions? Call us today at 1-866-636-6786.

In terms of materials, we offer aluminum, copper, and galvalume steel. Our most popular, however, is aluminum because it’s strong, corrosion resistant, inexpensive, and available in a variety of colors.

Speaking of colors, we offer over 30 different color options of gutters and downspouts. When it comes to style, our team offers K-Style Gutters. This look has a flat bottom and back made with a decorative crown molding appearance. Since Florida is known to withstand heavy thunderstorms, all customers are automatically upgraded to 6”-inch gutters to hold any excess water.

Seamless gutters are meant to be designed and formed onsite with the help of some specific machinery. This ensures there’s only joints visible on the home’s exteriors. While they may be more expensive than seamed gutters, they actually offer an abundance of benefits including:

  • A Perfect Fit
  • Little to No Maintenance
  • Fewer Clogs, Backups, and Leaks
  • Elegant Curb Appeal

Seamed gutters were designed to utilize small sections of the gutter which are fastened at the seams – hence the name! They’re also easy to install and at a more cost-effective price than seamless gutters offer.

For more information about our custom seamless gutters, visit our website.

Gutter Installation

Whether or not you can install your gutters on your own will depend on several factors, including the material, style, and expectations for your home drainage system. 

Many people who choose to opt for cheap gutter systems will also attempt to install them on their own. For example, it may be quite possible to install sectional vinyl gutters on your own. However, opting to take this route is often regrettable due to the already short life expectancy for these gutter systems, even with professional installation. Add to this the risk of amateur handy work, and the effort is not worthwhile. 

Seamless gutter systems and high-quality materials require professional installation. It is always best to consult a professional before attempting any home improvement project, especially an important job.

A professional can also help assess the condition of the area around the gutter, including the fascia board.

Gutters actually have an expanded lifespan of up to 20 years! The copper material can also last an upwards of 50 years or longer. Gutters won’t be the most expensive investment you make in your home, but they should be taken seriously!

Here’s how to know when your gutters need to be replaced:

  • As soon as you see cracks
  • If you spot seam stress
  • When there is noticeable peeling
  • Quickly after spotting any rotting
  • Right after mildew appears

If you see any of these noticeable signs, then you need new gutters. Without this needed update, you may experience more costly harm than good, so it’s necessary to look into new gutter installation immediately.

When installing downspouts to pair with your gutters, it’s recommended to have them installed every 30 to 40 feet. This way, the gutters don’t get overwhelmed with water, and there’s proper drainage in even the heaviest of storms. Since all homes are unique, our team will ensure you get the exact number needed based on your home configuration.

Just like the gutters, we’ve also increased the measurements to withstand the extra water. Instead of installing the standard 2”x3” size, we instantly upgrade our customers to 3”x 4” downspouts to handle the heavy downpours Florida is accustomed to.

Since every home is unique, we make sure to tailor our specific gutter solutions to every client’s individual gutter needs. All our clients require customized systems, so you only pay for what you need!

Because of this, we offer free electronic quotes that are quick, easy, and hassle-free. All you have to do is fill out a short form for us, and then we go to work by identifying your home’s needs through satellite imaging. Once we put together our most competitive estimate, we send over the estimate within hours for approval.

We do the work – all you have to do is request an electronic quote or give us a call at 1-866-636-6786!

Gutter Warranty

At Guru Gutter Guys, we are proud to say that we do, in fact, offer a warranty system. We include a 50-Year Materials Warranty and Lifetime Workmanship Warranty with every installation.

This means your gutters will remain protected as well as the materials you choose to create them for a full 50 years! A lot can happen in a year, let alone 50, which is why we strive to go above and beyond for all our clients!


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