Gutter Colors

We offer over 30 different color options of gutters and downspouts. Keep in mind that the gutter and downspouts don’t have to be the same color. The gutter can match the roof and the downspouts the home. When you select a color we go as far as matching it right down to the screws.

Traditional Painted Aluminum

Satin White (Armor Tough)

Cameo (Armor Tough)



Raffia Beige


Heritage Cream

Classic Cream

Antique Ivory

Colonial Gray

Dove Gray


Wood Beige (Armor Tough)

Light Bronze

Beaver Brown

Royal Brown

Musket Brown

Tuxedo Gray

Dark Bronze


Colonial Blue

Buckskin Brown

Copper Metallic

Colonial Red

Sherwood Green

Dueltone Painted Aluminum

Rustic Copper

Premium Metals

Solid Copper

Galvalume Plus Steel

*Colors may vary slightly depending on monitor settings or manufacturing factors

Gutter Colors FAQs

1. Should gutters match a roof or house?

Most people prefer to match their gutters with the color of their siding. This works well to hide the gutters which typically sit in front of the siding. If you are someone who wants a bolder aesthetic, matching your gutters with the roof may be the way to go. Having darker gutters to accent the trim around your home can give more texture to the overall look of the home.

There is no rule about how to coordinate your gutters with the rest of your house. The color will not affect the function, so if you want gutters that blend in, match the siding. If you want gutters that stand out, match the roof.

2. Is painting gutters a good idea?

Painting gutters is a good idea for transforming the look of your property. While a layer of paint may protect the gutter itself from some cosmetic damage, it will not dramatically strengthen the gutter. Most people choose to paint their gutters when they want to freshen up their aesthetic.

If you have recently painted the outside of your home, painting the gutters to match could improve the home’s curb appeal. This is an especially effective and budget-friendly way to spruce up your home if you intend to sell it. If the gutters are rusty, you will want to make sure that you clean them before painting (so the paint will stick).

3. Are colored gutters more expensive?

Colored gutters are typically more expensive than white gutters because they require special ordering. This is not always the case—sometimes a manufacturer may have the exact color you are looking for and will not have a surcharge for a custom finish.

Overall, the price for colored gutters is always slightly higher because adding color creates an extra step in the manufacturing process. The price for color should never be too much more than the standard version, however. If you get a quote that prices your colored gutters much higher than white ones, you might consider shopping around for a better deal.

4. How can I brighten my gutters?

If you have neglected the exterior of your gutters, you can restore them to a shiny look. There are several cleaning methods you can use to try to and make them whiter:

· Use vinegar mixed with water to clear off gunk and debris residue.

· Put liquid detergent on vinyl gutters, rinse with water, and wipe away grime.

· Find a phosphate-free cleaning product to remove tough stains.

If the grime and stains are bad, you can hire someone to clean the gutters for you. Professional cleaning services will use a restoration chemical to break the bond between the dirt and the paint and remove tough stains.

5. What is the black stuff on my gutters?

The black stuff that accumulates on gutters is a combination of asphalt residue and dirt that runs off from the roof during a storm. When your gutters are clogged and debris prevents water from properly flowing out, the water will overflow. As it runs down the side of the gutter, runoff debris particles stain the finish in vertical black streaks.

The best way to prevent this is to install a gutter edge when you purchase a new system. Gutter edges prevent runoff and protect the finish from staining, often extending the look of the finish by four times its normal lifespan!

6. Can gutters and downspouts be different colors?

Downspouts and gutters can be different colors, unless you have copper gutters, which should just stay their original finish. Many people choose the default manufacturing colors like white and off-white. From a design standpoint, gutters can be an eyesore, so you may consider color-matching the gutter and downspout to the color of the house.

For example, if you have white trim but a dark blue façade, you could paint the perimeter gutters white and paint the downspout to match the dark blue. This would camouflage the downspout from sticking out against the dark background and elevate the overall look of your home.

7. Should you paint copper gutters?

You should not paint your copper gutters, as this can damage the finish. Copper gutters are long-lasting and durable, which is the primary reason why people purchase them. From an aesthetic standpoint, the antique look that copper gutters provide is another selling point.

Using paint to cover the natural patina (green-blue algae formation) on the gutters can ruin the look for good. Once copper gutters have been painted, the scraping that is needed to restore them can damage the natural finish. Overall, you should only paint gutters that are made of aluminum, plastic, or vinyl, as they do not contain the same naturally rustic look that many homebuyers appreciate.

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