Are Aluminum Gutters the Right Custom Gutters for You?

the guru gutter guys can install aluminum gutters for your home

Are Aluminum Gutters the Right Custom Gutters for You?

Choosing the best custom gutters for your home is a more important task than you might think. Consider the complex jobs this seemingly simple part of your roof does for our home every day. Your gutters redirect rain and snow; while also protecting your roof, windows, and home foundation from leaks, rot, and erosion every single day. 

There are many quality options when it comes to materials for gutters. Aluminum is widely named the most practical of these, as it offers a host of all-around benefits. These gutters are a solid fit for nearly anyone thanks to their balance of durability, affordability, and level of customization. 

Aluminum gutters may just be the perfect choice for the homeowner looking for a budget-friendly, long-lasting material that measures up to the task of protecting your home! 

The Benefits of Aluminum Gutters


Cost is a two-pronged advantage of choosing aluminum gutters. The gutters themselves are fairly inexpensive, and their installation is a simple process, which allows for a faster set-up time at a cheaper cost.


When you purchase aluminum gutters and receive installation from a reputable company, you can expect the gutters to last 20 years or longer in most climates. They are not prone to sagging, and repainting them over time will keep them looking fresh and appealing. Aluminum also does a better job than many other materials of resisting rust. 

Unless a direct hit from a tree limb or something of that nature dents your gutters, and as long as the material is safeguarded from poorly placed ladders, you can expect only to have to repaint approximately every 10 years, and no major repairs should be needed until the 20 year mark!

Customizable Appearance

Aluminum is a material that holds paint well, allowing you the freedom to style your gutters however you wish. You can choose from a variety of colors to best match your home, or have them painted to match a custom design. 

Aluminum Gutters

Now Available: Seamless Gutters

k-style gutters are easy to install on your florida home

Now Available: Seamless Gutters

Aluminum gutters are a relatively new addition to the seamless scene. But why would you be interested in seamless gutters? 

The answer to that is simple: a gutter with no seams makes for a gutter with no leaks. When we install a seamless gutter system, the integrity of the entire system is safeguarded against strong winds, low temperatures, expansion, and contraction; which allows your gutters to stand the test of time.

Seamless systems also come custom-designed to blend smoothly and attractively with your home’s appearance.

The Guru Gutter Guys Offer Customization, Expertise, and Quality

When purchasing aluminum gutters, your installer and provider is particularly important.

Aluminum material is light and flexible, which means it can come out misshapen if an inexperienced contractor places a ladder poorly or neglects taking the required care during an install. At The Guru Gutter Guys, our customized seamless gutter design pairs with a friendly, knowledgeable team for an easy and enjoyable installation process. 

Get started today! Contact us now for a free estimate, or scroll below to see what colors we offer for our aluminum gutter installs.

All of our seamless gutters are custom made on site

Traditional Painted Aluminum

Satin White (Armor Tough)

Cameo (Armor Tough)



Raffia Beige


Heritage Cream

Classic Cream

Antique Ivory

Colonial Gray

Dove Gray


Wood Beige (Armor Tough)

Light Bronze

Beaver Brown

Royal Brown

Musket Brown

Tuxedo Gray

Dark Bronze


Colonial Blue

Buckskin Brown

Copper Metallic

Colonial Red

Sherwood Green


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