Are Copper Gutters the Right Custom Gutters for You?

copper gutters are durable and low maintenance

Are Copper Gutters the Right Custom Gutters for You?

Purchasing gutters is an important step in the home renovation process, as they protect against the elements and can drastically change the look of your home. Luckily, there are multiple types of material to choose from when making this selection. 

If you’re looking for a high-end option, look no further than copper. While copper costs more than other materials available, it has the longest lifespan.

For anyone looking to elevate the curb appeal and market value of their home while ensuring low maintenance costs, copper gutters can’t be beat!

The Benefits of Copper Gutters


You will find copper gutters on many of America’s historic homes. Why? Simple: copper gutters have the longest lifespan.

The average copper gutter system lasts 60 years. As long as the system is properly cared for, however, it can last up to 100 years. 

It’s true, copper gutters cost more than steel and aluminum systems. If, however, you plan on staying in your home a long time, the upfront premium you will pay for copper gutters saves you money on replacement and repair costs down the line.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of copper gutters is that they require minimal upkeep. The material’s durability protects against some of the issues you might see with lower quality options (i.e. hail damage).

You should only need to clean debris from your gutters twice a year. The Guru Gutter Guys offer gutter guards that will protect against debris accumulation, as well, making it even easier to take care of them.

While other options are color customizable, copper should not be painted because any removal of paint down the line will damage and scrape the material. By not needing to paint these gutters, you will save time on maintenance. Plus, copper’s natural finish is actually one of the greatest benefits of choosing them.

Stylish Appearance

Like most metals, copper is susceptible to change when exposed to the elements. As previously mentioned, however, this exposure does not damage copper gutters. In fact, it adds another eye-catching effect to them.

As oxygen in the air interacts with the copper, these gutters will form an outer layer called a patina. Unlike rust formed on materials like steel, copper patina has a blue-green or turquoise color.

copper gutters offer stylish appearance

Now Available: Seamless Gutters

the guru gutter guys can install copper gutters for your home

Now Available: Seamless Gutters

Copper gutters are a relatively new addition to the seamless scene. But why would you be interested in seamless gutters? 

The answer to that is simple: a gutter with no seams makes for a gutter with no leaks. When we install a seamless gutter system, the integrity of the entire system is safeguarded against strong winds, low temperatures, expansion, and contraction; which allows your gutters to stand the test of time.

Seamless systems also come custom-designed to blend smoothly and attractively with your home’s appearance.

The Guru Gutter Guys Solution

All in all, copper gutters will elevate the curb appeal and market value of any home. They are a fantastic option for homeowners looking for luxurious aesthetics, a long lifespan, and minimal maintenance.

If you opt for a copper gutter system, you are going to need a professional to install it—and The Guru Gutter Guys can help! We offer custom seamless gutter systems that will fit perfectly to any home. The seamless option will mean less debris accumulation, less leaks, and more uniformity around the perimeter of your home.

With 80,000 installs in just under 20 years, we have grown to become the premier gutter company for Central Florida.

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