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cleaning gutters yourself is time-consuming but not hard

Clearing out a gutter system is not something that most people look forward to, but there are many reasons why it is necessary. Clogged gutters can cause roof leaks and lead to other major issues for a home. If homeowners do not use gutter cleaning tools to help water properly flow away from the home, rain can pool near the base of the foundation and cause cracks.

Investing in a set of gutter guards is one way to avoid having to clean them out, but this is not an option for everyone. Luckily, cleaning the gutters is not something that you need to do every week.

Before you begin, you should make sure you have the proper gutter cleaning tools. With the right equipment, you will have an easier and more efficient time getting all the debris removed from the system.

Gutter Cleaning Tools You Need

Cleaning gutters from leaves

Here are some of the most important tools that every homeowner should have for clearing gutters:

  • Ladder: Make sure you choose a ladder with the correct weight limit for your needs. A sturdy ladder can last you for decades and will make it much easier to see what’s lurking in your gutter system. Unless you have convenient and safe means of access to your roof from the attic or another room, a ladder will likely be the most important of your gutter cleaning tools.
  • Wet/dry vacuum: Use a vacuum to make quick work of loose leaves and top-level debris. It will collect all of the debris so that it is easily disposable. A cordless option is recommended to avoid getting tangled up at dangerous heights.
  • Outdoor gloves: You never know exactly what type of debris is in the gutter. Get a pair of outdoor gloves to protect your hands while you clear it out.
  • Pressure washer: A pressure washer clears out smaller particles while restoring the gutter’s original gutter color. It has a narrow nozzle attachment that can remove set-in dirt from the exterior. However, be sure to use this sparingly, as it can cause a buildup of water in the yard.
  • Leaf blower: A leaf blower allows you to clear away surface debris so that you can see and reach more difficult pieces with other gutter cleaning tools. If you use a leaf blower, be aware that you will also need a rake to clear up the yard.
  • Grabber or scoop: These tools help you pick up more debris at once. A grabber will also come in handy for large sticks that are too far to reach. You can also purchase gutter scoops designed specifically to fit inside the gutter track.
  • Collection container: Before you start removing debris, you should grab a container to collect it. A bin, bucket, or sturdy garbage bag should serve this purpose well.
  • Liquid cleaners: Once you have cleared the system with gutter cleaning tools, polish the exterior for the final touch. Products such as Gutter Zap, Krud Kutter Gutter Cleaner, and NorthStar Gutter Wash are excellent options that will help you make the surface exterior look brand new.

Ahead of cleaning your gutters, assess what types of debris are in them. Understanding what type of dirt and grime are in the system will give you a better idea of how to clean it out and what gutter cleaning tools to use.

Much of the equipment that you can use for your gutters also works for maintaining other areas of the house. With the help of the above items, you can clear gutters more quickly and get back to the activities you really enjoy!

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