How do I quiet gutter downspouts?

  1. Install a Downspout Splash Block: A splash block is a piece of plastic or concrete that is placed underneath the downspout to help reduce the sound of water running through the gutter. 
  2. Install a Gutter Dampener: A gutter dampener is a piece of foam or rubber material that is placed inside the gutter to help reduce the sound of running water. 
  3. Install a Downspout Extension: A downspout extension is a piece of pipe or tube that is attached to the end of the downspout to help direct the water further away from the house. This will help reduce the sound of the water hitting the ground.
  4. Add Rocks or Gravel to the Area Around the Downspout: Adding rocks or gravel to the area around the downspout will help absorb some of the sounds and reduce the noise.


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