How Can I Tell If My Gutters Aren’t Draining Properly?

A fully functional gutter system should collect water and immediately direct it to the downspout. Contact a professional at Guru Gutter Guys if you believe that your gutter may not be draining properly. Reaching out as soon as possible is critical for avoiding excessive damage to your home. 

Warning Signs of Damaged/Insufficient Gutter Systems Include:

  • Bent/Cracked Gutters
  • Water in Gutter
  • Basement Water Leaks 
  • Sagging Gutters
  • Puddle Accumulation after Rainfall
  • Pests around the Gutters

You can also inspect the siding around the gutter for any sign of water staining that may be an indication of insufficient draining. 

Severe signs of water damage caused by insufficient gutter drainage include erosion of the home exterior and/or cracks in the foundation. 


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