What are Some Reasons to Replace my Gutters?

Regular inspection of your gutter system is an important part of responsible home maintenance. There are several times that it may be necessary to replace your home gutter system. 


1.) New Roof

Gutters should be replaced when a new roof is installed. 


2.) Signs of Insufficient Drainage 

Any signs that your gutter system may not be draining properly likely means that it’s time to replace your gutters. These include signs of wear and tear, broken, sagging, or gutters that are hanging off.


3.) Age of Gutter System

How long your gutter system lasts depends on the material used and weather conditions in your area. The average home gutter system lasts approximately 20 years. Gutters can last several decades when high-quality materials are used, and regular maintenance is performed. 


4.) Major Storms

Strong storms have the potential to damage gutters beyond repair. You should have your gutter system inspected after major wind, rain, snow, and/or ice cause damage to your home. 


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