Seamless Gutters: What Size Do I Need?

As a homeowner, you know seamless gutters protect the structure and integrity of your home. Not only that, they look great, too! If you don’t have gutters installed on your home, you may have noted some damage around the exterior of your home, and maybe some unexpected leakage as a result. Perhaps you have gutters, but the toll exacted on them by the Florida storm season’s heavy rains, high winds, and hail has put you in the market for replacement gutters. 

Whatever the reason, The Guru Gutter Guys are here to help with tips on the value of seamless gutters, as well as an explanation of what size you need to give your home the most protection.

Why Seamless Gutters?

Seamless gutters require expert installation

Seamless gutters are the leak-proof improvement to old school gutters. They not only improve your home’s appearance, but also offer maintenance-free protection for your home. Florida’s infamous sudden downpours can bring washed out landscape, wood rot, and even foundation failure to your home’s structure.

Seamless gutters can help prevent all that! But even if you know what kind of gutters you need, you still need to determine which size fits your home.

Seamless Gutters – What Size Do You Need?

Make sure gutters are ready for 2020 Hurricane Season in Florida

Five-inch and six-inch gutters are the industry standards, but does size really matter for homeowners? In reality, no two homes are alike, and homeowners should have their seamless gutter systems designed with the property specifications in mind. A variety of factors affect the customization of your gutter system, from the gutters themselves to downspouts. Additionally, the size and slope of your roof as well as the architecture of your home and amount of rainfall in your area are all important considerations.   

In the past, five-inch gutters were the size of choice for homes, while six-inch gutters typically only saw use for commercial projects. Today, many homeowners are opting for the upgraded six-inch gutters. Why? Six-inch guttersthough only an inch largercan handle 40% more water than their five-inch counterparts, and also feature oversized downspouts. 

For homeowners with large, steep, pitch, or metal roofs; the water volume and the speed at which water flows from your roof increases, and oversized gutters can help manage this faster runoff. An oversized gutter could also be of benefit for homes featuring complex roof lines with valleys, as well as other areas which collect water and then release it quickly. 

We recommended six-inch gutters when a seamless gutter is longer than 40 feet with only one downspout. They are also recommended in situations in which lower gutters also manage the runoff of upper gutters. 

Call The Guru Gutter Guys! 

The Guru Gutter Guys can help you determine if a six-inch gutter is right for your home. Often with large volumes of rainwatersuch as those during summer’s frequent downpoursa six-inch gutter can help manage overflow effectively. Of course, you may need overflowing gutters for other reasons such as poor pitch, clogs, or other problems. Whatever the case, the Guru Gutter Guys have you covered!  

At the Guru Gutter Guys, our most popular seamless gutter is the K-Style six-inch gutters, featuring a flat bottom and back with decorative crown molding in the front to enhance the appearance of your home. The six-inch K-Style gutters are the ideal solution to Florida’s climate and proclivity for severe thunderstorms and heavy downpours. Our K-Style six-inch gutters feature our upgraded heavy-duty supports for greater durability.

The Guru Gutter Guys is a division of The Solar Guys and was founded in 2001 to meet the demand for the highest quality products and outstanding customer service in the industry. At the Guru Gutter Guys, our expert team promises to provide the highest quality seamless gutters to all central Florida delivered with integrity and complete customer satisfaction. 

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