The Most Common DIY Gutter Installation Mistakes

Florida storms often bring high winds and heavy rains that can be especially damaging to residential and commercial gutters. Properly functioning gutters are essential for protecting the structural integrity of your property. You should check your gutters for damages regularly, especially after Florida storms.

Gutter installation is a job that requires skill, experience, and professional contracting services. Always contact a professional if you notice any signs that your gutters may need professional attention. 

Some property owners make the mistake of trying to tackle this task on their own. Never attempt to repair or replace your own gutters. Failure to hire a professional could result in gutter performance and result in additional damages, including excessive costs. In the following list, we reveal the most common DIY gutter installation mistakes committed by Florida property owners.

1). Wrong Type and/or Size 

Choosing the wrong type of gutters is a common DIY installation mistake. It is important to choose the right type of gutter based on your unique needs, style preference, and budget allowance. 

There are several different types of gutter systems to choose from, including half-round, k-style, and seamless gutters. Gutters can be constructed of traditional aluminum, copper, or various other materials.

Gutters must also be the correct size for your home and to ensure that they can keep up with Florida rainfall.

A professional gutter technician can assess the current state of your gutters and determine the best size and type for your home. 

2). Incorrectly Positioned

Make sure gutters are ready for 2020 Hurricane Season in Florida

Sectional gutters are the cheapest and the most common type of gutter used for DIY installation projects. Unfortunately, sectional gutters are 

Incorrect positioning is the most common mistake that property owners make when replacing their own gutters. Gutters that are ill-positioned will not function properly and may not effectively route water away from the home. 

Gutters that are not positioned correctly may be too high, too low, or tilted forward. This can lead to water stains and other extensive moisture-related damages. 

DIY gutter installers may not immediately be aware that they have committed a mistake in positioning. This may result in excessive water damage to property walls, roofs, ceilings, and/or the property foundation. 

3). Improperly Spaced Hangers

DIYers do not have the knowledge or skills to place gutter hangers in the proper location. system. This can lead to sagging, leaking, and broken gutters. 

During professional gutter installation technicians place hangers in specific locations to ensure that gutter systems operate at their maximum efficiencies.

4). Inaccurate Roof Pitch

Inaccurate Roof Pitch

Many amateurs fail to account for the pitch of the roof during gutter installation. Water should travel directly from the roof to the gutters and be directed away from the property. DIY gutter installation often results in complications, including water pooling on the roof. This can lead to extensive and costly damages to your roof and the structural integrity of your property. 

5). Damage During Installation

Accidentally damaging gutters is one of the most commonly made amateur mistakes. Gutters can easily become dented or bent during installation. The individual installing the gutter is then forced to remove and repair the entire section when this occurs.

Bent and damaged gutters are an additional and unnecessary expense because they will not function properly. 

Protect your roof and property by choosing an experienced gutter repair and installation services. Professional gutter contractors guarantee that any mistakes that are made during installation will be corrected at no additional cost to you. 

4). Injuries


Attempting to complete any professional job with the skills, knowledge, or proper training is a dangerous mistake. 

Over 164,000 people visit the emergency room department every year after sustaining a fall from a ladder. These falls can lead to serious and debilitating injuries, including: 

  • Back Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Neck Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Death

Using a ladder is dangerous. In fact, over 300 people a year sustain fatal injuries after falling from a ladder at home. Never attempt to assess or repair any roof damages without professional assistance.

Additional Consequences of DIY Gutter Installation 

Attempting a DIY project on your own home gutter system can be a costly decision.  This mistake could lead to costly expenses, including additional property damages, wasted labor and materials. 

Contact a professional gutter repair and replacement service provider from the start to ensure the job is completed correctly. A professional technician can inspect the current condition of your home gutter system and determine whether a repair or a total replacement is necessary. 

Potential Consequences of DIY Gutter Installation:

  • Poor Craftsmanship
  • Poor Installation 
  • More Expensive
  • Wasted Materials

Hiring a contracting professional is safer, more efficient, and ensures that gutters are properly installed. DIY gutter installation is also likely to become prematurely damaged and not covered by any labor-related warranty. Choosing a professional is also the only way to ensure that your craftsmanship and materials are protected under warranty. 

Professional Gutter Repair and Replacement Services

Custom Gutter Installation

Gutters are essential for protecting your home and roof from inclement Florida weather. You should inspect your home gutter systems regularly and after every storm system. Contact a professional gutter contracting professional immediately if you notice any signs that your gutters may not be functioning properly.

Choose a reputable company for all of your professional gutter repair and replacement service needs. Contact The Guru Gutter Guys today for more information about professional gutter repair and replacement services. Our technicians are committed to providing the best services for home and business owners throughout South Florida.

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