Common Dangers of Home Gutter Cleaning

Florida weather systems often bring high winds and heavy rainfall that can easily clog home gutter systems. Gutters are an essential component of your home roofing system that is oftentimes overlooked.  Gutters are responsible for collecting rainwater and redirecting it away from the home. 

Clogged gutters can lead to costly property issues, including roof, attic, basement, and/or foundational damages Keeping your gutters clean is just one of countless mundane tasks associated with responsible homeownership. Cleaning your gutters is an important task but were you also aware that it could be dangerous? 

Many people underestimate the risk of serious accidents that could occur when attempting to clean the gutters. The following guide was developed to educate Florida homeowners on the most common dangers of home gutter cleaning.  We will also reveal the latest product that helps keep gutters debris-free with minimal effort. 

Risk of Home Ladder Use

Risk of Home Ladder

The fact that you will need to use a ladder to access the gutters is the most common risk associated with home gutter cleaning. Falls from ladders are one of the most common causes of accidental injury and death and account for over 164,000 emergency visits annually. 

There are numerous factors that could increase the likelihood of a fall, including:

  • Ladder on Uneven Grounding
  • Damaged/Defective Ladder
  • Ill-Positioned Ladder
  • Wet Ground
  • Improper Footwear

Always ensure that your ladder is extended, locked in place, and safely level to the ground. Wear close-toed shoes with reliable tread. 

There is also the risk that an individual could suffer from a medical emergency while on the ladder. Some people may experience dizziness when climbing the ladder due to positional changes. Never climb a ladder without someone to assist you in the event of an emergency. 

Hazardous Power Lines

Loose power lines are another serious threat when cleaning the gutters. Heavy rainfalls and violent winds can lead to damaged and displaced power lines. Homeowners are at risk of electrocution if they come into contact with these displaced electrical lines.

Always perform a full inspection of your home roof and gutter system before attempting to unclog your gutters. Watch out for any power lines that may be in contact with your roof and/or gutters. 

Practice caution when moving your ladder and be observant of any loose power lines. Do not allow your ladder to come into contact with these wires. 

Never attempt to touch any damaged and/or displaced power lines. Contact your local utility company and allow a professional to remove the debris.  

Mold and Other Health Risks

Mold and Other Health Risks

Mold and bacteria thrive in the moisture and humidity that accumulates in clogged Florida gutters. There are numerous potential hazards that could be lurking inside your gutters, including fungi, rodents, insects, etc. 

Always wear personal protective equipment, including gloves, goggles, and a mask when cleaning your gutters.

Risk of Property Damage

Homeowners are usually unfamiliar with the components of their gutter system. This lack of experience often leads to an increased risk of unintentional property damage.

There are numerous accidents that could occur while unclogging the gutters. These accidents can result in damage to the gutter system. Causes of gutter damage may include poor ladder positioning, segment detachment, and/or tool damage.

Damaged gutters cannot effectively route water away from the home and fail to protect your property from water damage.

Contact a professional immediately if you notice any bends or dents on your home gutter system. Serious damages may result, even in situations when extensive damages do not appear to have occurred. 

Gutter Shields 

Gutter Shields

There is a better way to keep gutters cleaner and reduce the likelihood of clogs. Gutter guards prevent leaves, insects, and other hazardous materials from getting stuck in your home gutter system.

Maintenance for gutter systems that are protected with gutters guards is minuscule compared to unprotected gutter systems. Simply use a water hose to spray debris off of the gutter guards after a storm. 

Tips to Clean Gutters Safely

There are several additional precautions that can decrease the risk of serious injury while cleaning your gutters. 

Never Work Alone 

Never clean your gutters, or complete any task that requires a ladder, on your own. Always seek assistance from a friend or family member to decrease the likelihood of an accident and/or serious injury.

Use a Safe and Secure Ladder 

Always inspect the condition of your safety ladder before you use it. Double-check that your ladder is fully secured. Invest in a new ladder if there is any reason to doubt the equipment’s stability. 

Do Not Overreach 

Re-secure the ladder each time that you need to reposition it to reach new sections of the gutter. It can be tempting to try to save time by attempting to reach distant clogs. However, it is crucial that you never overreach when attempting to remove debris from the gutters. Overreaching creates instability and increases the risk that you could suffer from a serious accident. 

Never Climb on the Roof 

Never attempt to clean your gutters by climbing onto the roof. This highly regrettable decision could result in a serious and even fatal accident. In fact, you should never stand higher than the top two rails of a ladder. Doing so significantly decreases your stability and increases the risk of falling off the ladder. 

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