What is a Gutter Guard?

For anyone who has cleaned out gutters after a long season of rain, wind, and everything in between; you know how time-consuming the process can be.

Thankfully, gutter guards—protective covers that fit on top of the exposed gutter edge—block out debris and animals that typically get jammed inside the system each year.

Gutter guards are made from varying materials including (but not limited to): mesh, vinyl, aluminum, and wire.

Although they will not provide 100% impenetrable protection from outdoor debris, gutter guards make it easier to clean and maintain your gutter system, among other things.

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Types of Gutter Guards

Plastic mesh gutter guards

Types of Gutter Guards

There are several types of gutter guards available to choose from. The cheapest and simplest versions are made of a mesh or plastic material that basically lays on top of the gutter. These tend to collect more debris than other versions because they are not as tough or solid.

Another option is a metal gutter guard that is securely fitted on top of the gutter. They usually have small holes in them that block bigger debris like twigs and branches but still allow in dirt, leaf particles, and needles.

You could also opt for a nose-like guard that is curved over the top of the system. It funnels water into the gutters while directing debris off the edge and onto the ground. It is the most debris-proof option available.

Pest Control

pest control for gutters is important

Pest Control

Many small animals such as birds, squirrels, and chipmunks often climb into and nest inside of gutter systems.

Because they are hollowed out, they make the perfect bungalow and provide partial protection from the elements. Plus, the height of the gutters provides protection for these creatures from common yard animals like cats and dogs.

By blocking out these animals, the guards also prevent buildup of debris that the animals bring with them. Things like twigs, sticks, leaves, and stones can cause big clogs in the gutter system making it virtually ineffective.

Less Overall Maintenance

gutter guards will allow for less overall maintenance on your home

Less Overall Maintenance

When you normally clean out a gutter, it is a tedious process that involves pulling out large globs of debris by hand. With gutter guards, there is less overall work to do.

Some guards you can simply pull out and shake off, while others you will need to wipe off by hand. If you put down a drop cloth before you do this, you can prevent a lot of cleanup on the back end of the process.

Because gutters carry water away from the home, you can also use a hose to clean off the gutter system underneath the guard. You will not have to worry about drying anything off, either.

Increased Home Protection

gutter guards offer increased home protection compared to standard models

Increased Home Protection

Many people do not realize how essential gutters are for protecting the home. As gutters carry rainwater away from the home, they protect the integrity of the roof above. They prevent water from seeping underneath shingles and causing wood rot or damaging the shingle adhesive.

In Florida, this is essential due to the high winds and heavy rainfalls that are common during hurricane season. Moreover, because of the rainy weather, gutters are prone to rust quicker. Gutter guards have an extra layer of protection on top of the gutter itself, safeguarding your home from flooding and structural damage.

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Overall, gutter guards can save Floridian homeowners a lot of time and energy used to clean their gutters every year. With inclement summer weather brings a lot of extra debris and dirt. Gutter guards offer a way to reduce the exposure that your system has throughout the year while improving its overall efficiency.

If you are interested in a gutter guard installation, contact The Guru Gutter Guys today for a free estimate!

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