Are Galvalume Steel Gutters the Right Custom Gutters for You?

galvalume steel gutters

Are Galvalume Steel Gutters the Right Custom Gutters for You?

When considering the replacement of your home gutter system, the biggest decision to make is which material you want to use. If you are looking for an intersection of strength and cost, steel is an excellent material worth considering.

At The Guru Gutter Guys, we use galvalume steel gutters, which boast stronger protection against the elements than your basic aluminum or vinyl options. Due to a patented coating, these systems are protected against rust.

From kitchen appliances and architectural beams, to railroad tracks and even Superman (i.e. the “Man of Steel”), it’s no secret that steel is synonymous with strength. In fact, we rely on this durability in almost every modern architectural structure built today. 

It’s for this reason that we highly recommend that you consider galvalume steel for your next gutter installation!

The Benefits of Galvalume Gutters: Strength and Resilience

What does “galvalume” mean? Well, in short, galvalume is a patented coating that is applied to steel. The coating combines optimal properties of zinc, aluminum, and silicon to create a stronger, more resilient material.

One of the major benefits of having galvalume steel gutters is that the aluminum in the coating helps to prevent rust while the zinc makes the exterior tougher against the elements.

All in all, galvalume is a highly effective material when exposed to the heavy rainfall and high winds that typically wreak havoc on gutter systems during rainy season.

In addition to the strength of the galvalume coating, our steel gutter systems are seamless. Their design ensures that your home will be protected against all the debris accumulated during Florida’s hurricane season.

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The Benefits of Galvalume Gutters: Price Point

galvalume steel gutters can last over two decades

The Benefits of Galvalume Gutters: Price Point

Steel is the perfect “middle of the road” gutter material option when considering the price. While these gutters are more expensive than aluminum ones, their added durability and protective coating easily makes up for the extra cost. 

Steel is going to be a less expensive choice than copper gutters, which can last for 50-60 years on average. By most estimates, steel gutters last roughly 20 years before they need replacing, which is comparable to the aluminum options.

However, when you consider the galvalume coating coupled with The Guru Gutter Guys’ seamless designs, the longevity of these systems increases.

The Guru Gutter Guys Solution

Galvalume steel offers a protective coating that sets it apart from other gutter materials. Designed with the elements in mind, the combination of zinc and aluminum ensures that your gutter system can hold up to the harshest hurricane winds and rains.

Like all of our gutter options, the galvalume steel systems come with a 50 Year Materials Warranty and Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. Because these systems are heavier than vinyl or aluminum options, you’ll want to make sure you hire a professional who knows how to get the job done right. 

Over the years, The Guru Gutter Guys have established an excellent track record for professional, high quality gutter products and installations. With 80,000 installs in just under 20 years, we have grown to become the premier gutter company for Central Florida.

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